I've come to realize that just because your part team doesn't mean that the whole team is going to support you, see we all have a mission or a destiny to reach, but we shouldn't allow our mission to disrupt our position. It takes everyone on the team to make an effort even though you may not get a chance to play, but we all need to be ready to play our position. The starting lineup shouldn't have to pull the win all the time.

We as people have to find a common ground and that is by cheering each other on even if we're not on the same team or playing in the same game. We need to know our position in life and that is to live and the only way we can do that is with each other, get to know someone who isn't in your circle and you'll come to find out that, that person will be the one who passes you the ball and assist you in achieving your goal and those are the types of people you want on your team. You don't want everyone riding the bench watching you play every position to where you can't see what the next move is.

Know your Mission but Play your Position no you may not win all the time but you'll never lose.