Updated: Feb 23, 2021


I have noticed since the time I've been in the industry that certain artists such as : Artists, Comedians, Singers, DJ's, and those who may play instruments and many others don't get the same acknowledgement, support and appreciation that others have and many of them are loners. A lot of people don't pay attention to them for they are your Trendsetters, people who think outside of the box.

These are people who others may look at as failures that people tend to walk over and overlook, not knowing that the very person you see on tv, movies and tickets you buy are like those people you are walking over and overlooking today. We as people are ready to praise those who have already made it and give them all the support in the world, when there is someone you know and won't give them the love and support they need to reach that same place that you put the others at that's doing the very same thing to feed there family. We instead say it's a waist of time, your to old, get a real job or it's no money in it.

People we need to stop holding our people back from greatness and start uplifting them to greatness, because if you see, hear and feel then it can be done and just because it's not what you want do stop no one else. We think we are protecting that person who wants to be in the arts from making a mistake and don't want to be the blame to why they didn't make it. Well you are the blame why didn't, see the person on the come up doesn't need a lot. They just need you to encourage them to keep going, sharing their events, concerts, buy that $20.00 ticket, it's less than that known artist, actor, comedian, and DJ who's tickets are way more than that.

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